Mr. Darcy’s Good Opinion – Chapter 1

Elizabeth Bennet squinted in the bright sunshine on a fine day in Ramsgate. She was on a summer tour of east Kent with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and hoped they might decide to prolong their visit in the seaside town.
They were to meet at The Silver Swan in a few moments for luncheon but the salt breeze beckoned her to stray. Later, she promised as she stepped across the well-paved street and walked with purpose towards the inn.
The appearance of a distressed young woman with two handsome gentlemen drew her eye as the trio quit The Silver Swan. The young woman was a most lovely creature though her countenance at present was a heartbreaking display of emotion.
A chaise and four appeared and the lady turned back to the inn. She dropped her reticule and sobbed into her gloved hands.
Elizabeth stepped forth and retrieved the delicate net reticule from the ground dusting it gingerly with a handkerchief before handing it to the distraught girl.
She spoke kindly and with concern. “Are you hurt? Are you safe in the company of these men?”
Elizabeth doubted the fellows were ruffians or rakes but a lady could never be too careful.
The taller man with piercing green eyes that seemed the color of the sea during a terrible storm pulled the young lady closer with a frosty glance aimed in Eluzabeth’s direction. He opened the carriage door and embraced the lady and whispered in her ear.
She stepped up into the carriage followed by her protector, for Elizabeth could well see he was considerate and gentle.
The other gentleman bowed to her and took her hand.
“Your kindness is the only bright spot in our day, miss. The young lady is my cousin and the gentleman is her brother. She will see happier days and leave this place with her reputation intact.”
Elizabeth began to speak but the man inside the carriage called out the name Richard in a manner that warned his patience was at an end.
Elizabeth watched as the carriage moved away, not yet knowing the man with eyes the color of the deepest reaches of the sea would cross her path again.

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