The Cassidy Jane Series


Sweet Christian western romance readers say is reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.

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Schoolteacher in Stoney Creek, Montana, Cassidy Jane Dunn has fallen for the handsome town doctor, Joshua Winston. But it won’t be easy to convince herself she’s the one for him when his sister and a family friend arrive from back East. Will the good doctor choose a flame-haired beauty who rides as well as he or settle for the high society woman calculating her place in his life?



Cassidy Jane and company head for New York to meet Joshua’s family! Beulah and Rose get a taste of the big city and want more while Joshua’s sister Grace must deal with Winifred’s betrayal.





Cassidy Jane happily returns home to Stoney Creek but Beulah and Rose are unsettled. Can Cassidy Jane’s friends, family, and fiancee survive the separation and the hard times ahead? Weddings, woes, and heartbreaking loss try them at every turn.