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Thomas Bennet has died and left his wife and five daughters during the visit of his cousin Mr. Collins who has come to offer marriage as an olive branch to soothe the way when he inherits their home, Longbourn.

A deathbed promise from the past saves the ladies and Elizabeth Bennet becomes better acquainted with the wealthy, handsome Mr. Darcy, the man who insulted  her at the assembly in Meryton.

With the Bennets living at Somersal, a country estate that belongs to the Fitzwilliam family and is only a short distance from Pemberley, the home of Mr. Darcy, their mutual love of riding fosters a love neither Darcy nor Elizabeth can deny.

After a terrible accident, Elizabeth believes she must race in the spring to secure her family’s future, much to Mr. Darcy’s dismay. His proposal, given to keep her from racing, is summarily refused as Elizabeth Bennet will not marry from necessity. 

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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet at Ramsgate before he visits Netherfield.
Mr. Darcy must marry his cousin Anne de Bourgh but the young mistress of Rosings has another plan.
Elizabeth Bennet delays the answer to Mr. Collins proposal and Mr. Darcy steps in.
Mary Bennet seeks her own happily ever after in London after Elizabeth suggests she marry Mr. Collins
A modern take on a headstrong Lizzy and her persistent Darcy.
A magical Elizabeth Bennet makes a mess of things at Netherfield. Can Darcy help her fix it all?

Work in Progress

Mr. Darcy Properly Humbled

After his failed proposal to Elizabeth Bennet at the cottage in Hunsford, Mr. Darcy is faced with deep regret after an accident leaves Elizabeth and Anne without their memories of the terrible event. 

Mr. Darcy must face the truth of his lady love's charges against him and give Elizabeth Bennet the reason to love him before she recalls his visit to the parson's cottage and her adamant refusal. 

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